Climbing Helmets in Construction

The big change sweeping the nation in construction is the use of climbing and or safety helmets on job sites as opposed to traditional hard hats. The trend was started in Europe by companies like Petzl and KASK but has now migrated to the US. Now, US safety manufacturers like MSA and 3M are coming …

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Your Checklist For Emergency Eyewash and Shower Compliance

All shower units shall be inspected annually to assure conformance with ANSI Z358.1. Recommended Testing Flow Pressure is 30 psi (+ .5 psi – .0 psi). LOCATION Emergency equipment shall be activated weekly Safety station shall be accessible within 10 seconds of hazard, approximately 55 ft./16.8 m. Safety station shall be located on the same …

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Cut resistant gloves

Common Cut Resistant Glove Shells

The shell of a glove is the machine knitted part that provides shape and a foundation. Glove shells come in many forms, i.e. Dyneema (HPPE), Kevlar, Fiberglass, Steel, Blended, etc.… For our purposes we’ll stick w the most common out there.   Shells Dyneema (HPPE) An extremely strong fiber that is form fitting and lightweight. As …

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Protection Gloves Occupational Safety And Health

Common “Dips” in Safety Gloves

We’ve all been there, you find the exact glove that meets all the specifications for your application and then find out your employees HATE wearing them! Finding the proper level of protection is one thing (arguably the most important thing), but it is also extremely important to find a glove that your folks will actually …

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Heat Stress on the Job

Heat Stress On The Job

As Spring is coming to an end, Summer is approaching; and it is time to start thinking about Heat Stress and your employees. While staying cool seems like common sense, there are numerous things to consider when preparing a crew for a long hot day in July! First, workers must be protected from the sun. …

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Women workplace safety

Women’s Safety in the Workplace

With National Women’s Health Week coming up soon (May 12 – 18th), we want to talk about how today’s safety manufacturers and distributors are innovating to keep women safe in the workplace! Introduced several years ago, the Ms Miller Harness from Miller Fall Protection is the only full-body harness on the market designed for the …

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