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Why create NES?

The safety industry has changed drastically in the last 3 decades and will continue to change. NES gives customer and vendors a look at what is resonating in the safety industry through the eyes of professionals with years of experience! As safety products become more likely to be mass produced commodities (with varying claims of efficacy), we are here to separate the winners and the losers and help you get those winning products in your hands!

Who is behind NES?

Verona Safety Supply stands behind No Excuses Safety. Verona Safety Supply started this award program to help safety directors make better and easier purchasing decisions. Verona Safety does not give preference to products that they represent. The purpose of the program is to create a review process for safety equipment that will add to the information that is provided by the manufacturer about the equipment. The No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval is becoming the industry standard for quality and performance testing reviews and ratings.

How are the winners selected?

In order for a product to win, they are put to use by those in the workplace and ruthlessly reviewed by our expert judges. Every NES product must be able to fulfill each of the following characteristics: available, comfortable, and productive.

How often are winners selected?

A product will be awarded the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval every 2 months. The testing process is time intensive and it requires a significant commitment by the testers and judges to test a new product bi monthly, but we know that Safety Directors and others concerned with the selection of safety equipment need this type of review process in order to make informed decisions.

Can I submit my product to be considered?

Yes! We would love for you to enter your product for consideration. In order for the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval to be truly useful, we need to review as many products as possible. We strongly encourage you to submit your safety products for our review.

What will my products receive if I win?

If your product is chosen...

  • Winning products will be featured on the No Excuses Safety’s homepage and will receive their own about page
  • Emails highlighting your product will be sent out to a quality list of safety directors and those surrounding the safety world.
  • Press release template will be provided for manufacturers release
  • Backlinks will be added to your products page
  • You will receive No Excuses Safety stickers to place on your product for credibility

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