Get a Grip! The Facts about Ice Traction Devices

As winter is giving us its (hopefully) last bouts of snow, ice, and cold; I want to discuss Ice
Traction Devices. There are numerous options to choose from, at widely varying costs. So what is a
safety director to do?

First, slips, trips, and falls, are the #1 cause of injuries in the workplace. Anyone who has ever slipped on
the ice knows that you are lucky to walk away unscathed and you wish you had worn some ice cleats!
The first thing to consider in deciding on an ice traction device is the cost. Sometimes, you simply need
something cost effective that you can hand out to your guys to keep them upright and walking! The best
choice for this is the Ergodyne TREX Ice Traction Device. With multiple sizes, replaceable cleats, and
durable construction, these can outfit a whole crew for less!
Second to consider is versatility and ease of use. The YakTrax Pro is a great choice for ice and snow and

comes in at a middle of pack price. If you want the best there is, then you might want to consider the
IceTrekkers Diamond Grip. The Diamond Grip allows for easy on/off, great versatility over snow, ice,
slush, gravel, etc. and is very durable and long lasting. All this comes with a price, but it sure beats
busting you’re a** on the cold hard ice!
All kidding aside, it is always a good idea to look at all possible preventative measures when outfitting
your work force for safety. Anything you can do to minimize an accident is a step in the right direction
for a safe, enjoyable workplace for all!