Heat Stress on the Job

Heat Stress On The Job

As Spring is coming to an end, Summer is approaching; and it is time to start thinking about Heat Stress and your employees. While staying cool seems like common sense, there are numerous things to consider when preparing a crew for a long hot day in July!
First, workers must be protected from the sun. Hard Hat shades are a great way to keep the sun off the face and neck. Cooling Vests are a great way to keep stay cool and prevent heat exhaustion in extreme temperatures. Even something as simple and economical as a Cooling Bandana or Cooling Towels can make a world of difference!
Second, it is extremely important to stay hydrated! Sqwincher Electrolyte Beverages come in a variety of options so you can mix them up as you need! Additionally, the Sqwincher formulation also includes more potassium and half the sodium as Gatorade® to better suits the diets of today’s workers. If you want to get even more serious about beating the heat, there are Heavy Duty Tents that not only block the sun but can be used to set up a hydration station; you can even fully equip them with misting fans!
Finally, working in the sun means that there is a risk of sunburn. SunX sunscreen is specifically designed for the job site, providing full UV spectrum protection and Vitamin E for skin moisture! Helping your employees cool and hydrated is a great way to keep them healthy and happy! Putting together a heat stress program is less expensive and easier than you think and can make your company a safer place to work!