CleanSpace2 PAPR Respirator System

Avoid OSHA fines and site downtime when you order the CleanSpace2 Powered Respirator.

What is the product?

CleanSpace 2 Powered Respirator is what we all have been waiting for, a respirator that is comfortable, productive, and reliable.

Why did it win?

The CleanSpace 2 Powered Respirator was awarded the No Excuses Safety seal of approval because of its ability to overcome the common faults of the average respirator. The CleanSpace 2 is comfortablely fitted, facilitates communication, and stays charged throughout an entire shift.



Trial kit comes with:

  • CleanSpace2 power unit
  • HEPA particulate filter
  • Filter adaptor
  • Half mask (medium)
  • Storage and cleaning plug set
  • CleanSpace backpack
  • (25) Disposable covers

Applicable Industry Sectors

  • Construction
  • Mining and Quarry
  • Welding
  • Smelting and Refining
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory and testing facilities
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals




Our Judge Samie Says…

"I nominated the CleanSpace2 Powered Respirator for the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval because of my customers' response to it. Safety Directors that have purchased units for their team report back that productivity is increasing on the job site. Workers are less fatigued because it's so light and are better able to communicate with each other because of the clear mask. Everyone's goal is a safe, productive work site and the CleanSpace2 Powered Respirator makes it happen."