EOS 360 from Princeton Tec

What is the product?

The EOS 360 from Princeton Tec is a performance headlamp that provides an industry leading 360° of "be-seen" lighting and reflectivity, as well as a task lighting.

Why did it win?

The EOS 360 is an expert combination of safety and utility. When workers are in a dark environment that require hi-visibility apparel, the problem is that light needs to hit them before it bounces back to they eyes of the observer. The EOS 360 takes care of this issue by providing bright LED's 360° around the headband for the ultimate in safety. Additionally, the headband is rubberized for a secure fit on any hard hat and includes reflective accents for redundancy.



Technical Specifications

  • Rubberized LED band provides 360° visibility
  • Slip resistant design keeps LED band in-place on hardhat
  • Universal construction fits standard and wide brim hardhats
  • LED band includes constant on and safety flash modes
  • EOS Headlamp and LED band function independently
  • Highly reflective strips for added visibility
  • 165 Lumen Maxbright LED
  • IPX7 Waterproof (1 meter)




"“The EOS360 is an incredible innovation that serves a dual purpose of seeing and being seen. First off, the headlamp in itself is powerful (165 lumens), waterproof, and includes a nice rubber strap that sticks securely to standard or full brim hard hats. Additionally the 360 degree band with reflective striping and LED lights guarantee maximum visibility when you need it. The safety strobe feature lights up your noggin like a Christmas tree!!”"