Showa 6110PF & 6112PF biodegradable nitrile glove

In most lab settings, the #1 contributor to waste is disposable gloves. Change this fact by using an environmentally friendly glove

What is the product?

The Showa 6110PF & 6112PF is the only glove anyone should be using, a 100% biodegradable nitrile glove.

Why did it win?

It’s versatility and ability to outperform any other disposable glove. Crafted with SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® , this biodegradable 4-mil (0,10mm), nitrile disposable glove delivers unmatched comfort, dexterity, and performance across a range of applications.



Technical Specifications

  • 100% nitrile with Eco Best Technology®
  • 4 mil (0,10mm) thick
  • 9.5 inches (240mm) long
  • Zero natural rubber latex proteins
  • Powder free
  • Rolled cuff

Applicable Industry Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Janitorial
  • Laboratory
  • Automotive repairs and maintenance
  • Intricate parts handling
  • Light assembly of oil-coated pieces
  • Fruit & vegetable processing
  • Washing & cleaning
  • Laboratory, pharma & analysis




Our Judge Dave says...

"Showa’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® allows us to introduce a game changer in the world of disposable gloves. The world’s first biodegradable nitrile glove. Disposable gloves are vital in the protection of workers against chemicals, bloodborne pathogens and also foremost in the world of food safety. Unfortunately, the traditional glove is not a friend to the environment. Think of all the hubbub that we’ve heard in the past few years regarding plastic grocery bags and drinking straws. The fact is, in most lab settings, the #1 contributor to waste is disposable gloves. While there are recycling programs for nitrile available, one must consider the overall carbon footprint involved in the recycling process (trucks picking up the product, the higher involvement in repurposing the product for manufacturing versus virgin materials, etc). We believe the environmental impact of a biodegradable product is preferable over a recycling program. We can also show that the cost impact on the end user is less using the biodegradable product versus the recyclable option. Finally, the quality of Showa’s product is more consistent and at a higher level than most of their competitors. Premium fit, feel, comfort and quality protection in a biodegradable product that will not have a significant impact on overall investment makes the Showa Eco Best series of gloves a game changer in the industry."