Soothers™ Moisturizing Disposable Earplugs – NRR 33dB

You might not hear the difference, but you’ll feel it! With all new Moldex Soothers; an innovative moisturizing earplug!

What is the product?

Moldex Soothers are a soft foam earplug with an industry first moisturizing and hydrating treatment for ultimate, all day comfort.

Why did it win?

Earplugs have remained (relatively) unchanged for the last 20-30 years. Every manufacturer has their own claims and reasons as to why their product is most comfortable. The reason for this is compliance! Simply put: the more comfortable the earplug is, the longer it will stay in the users ear. Moldex Soothers are an innovative solution to earplug comfort that works so well, it will amaze you!



Technical Specifications

  • 100% PVC-Free for a greener alternative
  • Highest independently tested NRR 33 rating
  • Extra-soft low-pressure foam for comfort and fit
  • Tapered shape for easy insertion and removal
  • Shaped to fit even very small ear canals
  • Non-irritating smooth surface
  • 100% PVC-Free for a greener alternative

Applicable Industry Sectors

  • Construction
  • Mining & Quarry
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Carpentry
  • Food Processing




After Some Vigorous Hands-On Testing

"I noticed the silky smoothness of the Soothers immediately out of the bag. These definitely don’t feel like your average dry earplug, I tell you what. My ear canals are on the small side, but I had no problem in terms of insertion. Not only are they a more comfortable all-day wear, but they also don’t pull excessive wax from my ears upon removal. No itchy irritation afterward either, my canals were left moisturized. Final Verdict: The Moldex Soothers are my new earplug of choice whether I’m mowing my lawn or shooting guns with Jimbo!!"