Sundstrom Silica ½ Mask Respirator Kit

Sundstrom’s Ultra-comfortable half mask respirator with unique features lets you work longer with less effort and better protection, all while meeting OSHA’s Construction/Silica Standard.

What is the product?

This half mask respirator kit is a one-stop shop. The Sundstrom Silica Respirator Kit includes everything you need to breathe safely and comfortably in various applications with specific application to anyone working around Silica hazards. The SR 100 silicone half mask air purifying respirator is intended for use when maximum safety and breathing comfort are required. The heat-treated Silicone material is FDA approved offering a safe and comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your face. The unique twin inhalation valve configuration provides extremely low breathing resistance, which makes this mask optimal for even strenuous work activities.

Why did it win?

The Sundstrom Silica Half Mask Respirator Kit was awarded the No Excuses Safety seal of approval because of its ability to perform in every situation where you need protection against silica dust. Additionally, the Sundstrom Half Mask checks off all the common respirator requirements and retails at a lower cost compared to many!



Technical Specifications

  • SR 100 M/L
  • SR 510 P100 (1)
  • SR 221 prefilter (10)
  • Prefilter holder
  • SR 5226 cleaning wipe
  • SR 368 ID tag
  • Storage box

Applicable Industry Sectors

  • Concrete Industry
  • Construction
  • Cement Industry
  • Stone Industry
  • Fracking
  • Foundry
  • Mining
  • Masonry




Our Judge Dave says...

"We are pleased to introduce the Sundstrom silica respirator kit. The product allows for simple compliance with OSHA’s updated standard and requirements for protection versus Silica. We believe the Sundstrom ½ mask is one of the most comfortable masks to wear on the market which will help maintain that compliance in the field. The mask has two exhale valves which greatly reduces exhale resistance. This allows for easier breathing while donning the mask and reduced fogging when worn with safety glasses and/or face protection. The P100 filter media has up to 50% more material area than competitors filters which also makes breathing easier on the inhale. The filter will also outlast competitors P100 filters by up to 2X’s or more when uses with the prefilter media provided. Ultimately, the worker is provided with a mask that is easier to use and filters that will outlast the competition while providing extended coverage. The unique design of this mask also makes it the easiest mask to clean with either respiratory wipes or soap and water. The silica kit comes packaged in a storage box for the mask and accessories. Other kits specific to the type of work you do are also available. Please contact Verona Safety with any questions or needs you have."