Women workplace safety

Women’s Safety in the Workplace

With National Women’s Health Week coming up soon (May 12 – 18th), we want to talk about how today’s safety manufacturers and distributors are innovating to keep women safe in the workplace!

Introduced several years ago, the Ms Miller Harness from Miller Fall Protection is the only full-body harness on the market designed for the female worker! The Ms Miller includes shoulder straps that stay to the side and away from the chest, along with increased hip support to increase comfort. The Mini Ztek from Pyramex Safety is a safety glass specifically designed to fit smaller/slimmer faces, but still comes with all the benefits of standard safety glass, and it’s now available in pink! Other manufacturers, such as PIP, are now stepping up to the plate with products like the Eva Safety Glass that are co-branded with a Pink Ribbon; with a portion of all sales going towards organizations combatting cancer. MCR Safety has come out with a safety vest that is designed specifically for women. The vest is cut and sized for smaller frames and features a more comfortable, stylish fit and look! As more women move into traditionally male-dominated industries we are seeing more safety items brought to market that cater to the specific needs of the female worker.

With over 20 years’ experience, Verona Safety not only has the products available, but the knowledge to put you and ALL of your employees into quality products that keep workers safe, productive, and happy!